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Whatever the type of leave, the department should request the leave in the prescribed form. The leave of primary teachers is usually sanctioned by the education branch of the taluka or district panchayat.

It is important to note here that the authority to deny leave belongs to the authority but does not have the right to change the type of leave. In short, the requested leave should be granted or denied. In the public interest, the officer can take his own decision at his own discretion. Leave can also be denied in circumstances which affect the strength of the school.

Under Rule-2, if an employee frequently submits a medical certificate and goes on leave, the attention of the Civil Surgeon \ Government Medical Officer may be drawn to give him a sufficient period of leave to fully recover.

In addition, if you intend to appear again to take advantage of the leave and demand leave again, such exemption cannot be given. (Rule-3)

The beginning and end of the holiday;
Leave is considered to be the beginning of the day from the day you leave the charge due to leave. Leave can be considered as enjoyment till the next day of attendance. Sunday and valid leave can be added before or after. But if the leave ends on working day then the employee is present accordingly. Have to happen. The employee has to be present and report to his / her officer. The signature of the teacher in charge of arranging his / her class during leave should also be taken. 26 January Ke 15

Cannot be present before the end of the leave. If he wants to be present, he can be present with the permission of the leave sanctioning officer. Those who are absent for more days than the leave request are not entitled to pay for this period of absence. This time is also not considered incremental. Half pay leave can be granted if the officer allows. Deliberate absence from duty after completion of leave can be considered as misconduct for the purpose of BCS Rules 3. Can be reported.

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