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By | January 13, 2022

In today’s post we are going to know about how to make Dj Song of our name. If you also want to know how to make Dj Song of your name, then you are reading the right post.
Many times we go to a wedding party or any function, then you must have heard that the name and number of dj person is also heard in any song.
After hearing this, the question must have come in your mind that how is this possible. And how can we play our name and number in any song. And can we also play our name in any song?
So the answer to your question is yes, it is very easy to add DJ Tag of your name and your mobile number in any song. Whether you want to do this work for your hobby or you have started the business of Dj and have to do it for that.
You have to install two apps in mobile to make Dj Remix Song of your name. In which we will first use the app to create Dj Tag or Number Tag of our name.
Using the same other app, we will add this tag to any song, which we can also call Song Mixing. So let’s know in detail about how to do it.

How To Make Your Name DJ Remix Song From Mobile

Step-1: First of all install the app named Narrator’s Voice from Google Playstore. If you want, you can also download from the download button given to make your name dj song how to make your name dj remix song from mobile how to make your name dj song how to make your name dj ringtone how to play your name dj song in any song
Step-2: Now open the app and allow all the permissions. After this you will see pop-up of instructions, close them.
Step-3: In the App you will see the text bar near Pencil, type your name here. Whatever name you want to play in the song. Like- DJ Pankaj, Dj Anil and Dj Naveen etc. With these you can also add mobile number.
Step-4: Now the language option will appear in the bottom left side, click on it. As shown in the image.
Step-5: Select Language Hindi from here. After this, if you want to hear your name in male voice, then go to the option of Voice and select Neel. Otherwise leave the default and back it up.
Step-6: Now by clicking on the Play button. You can hear your name tag. After that save this file by clicking on the next Share button.
Step-7: If you want to make changes in the Volume, Echo and Speed ​​of the name tag, then click on the Music icon shown below the textbar, then change it by clicking on Select.
If you do not want to use the App to create your name tag, then go to the website from any browser on your mobile. After this a box of text will appear, type your name in it.
Now select the language in the box below. And click on submit button. Now the audio file below will be created. You can play and download it from here. So let us now know about how to mix our name tag in any song.

How To Make Your Name Dj Song With DJ Mixer App

Here we are going to use another app, with the help of which the tag named Apne can be mixed in any song.
Step-1: First of all install the app named edjing Mix from Playstore. If you want, you can also download it from the download button given below.
Step-2: Now open this app. After this, this app will ask you for some permissions, allow them. After this some pop-ups will appear for instructions, close them.
Step-3: Now you will see two trackpads, in between them you will see the icon of Music Player along with the icon of Plus(+). Select any song by clicking on the left (+) in them. In which you have to play your name. After this, select the audio file of your name tag by clicking on the right one (+).
Step-4: After clicking on + to select the file, select any song from Albums or select the song from your internal storage by clicking on the box of File manager shown on the right side.
Step-5: After selecting both the songs, click on the Recording option shown in the top center.
Step-6: Now play the song in the left track and whenever you want to play your name in the song, then play the song from the right side track.
If the sound of the song in your name is low, then whenever you play the tag of your name from the right side, then reduce the volume of the song on the left side with the option of volume. And again increase the volume accordingly.
Step-7: When the Mixing of your Song is complete, click on the Recording option again. Due to which the recording will stop.
Step-8: Now a pop-up will appear in front of you. In this, write whatever you want to name this file in the title and click on the option of Share Mp3.
Step-9: Now again a pop-up will open, click on Copy to option in it. After this the internal storage of your mobile will open. Here you go and paste it in whatever folder you want to save the song.
Friends, in this way you can play Dj Song of your name in any song. So how easy is it?

How to Make Your Name DJ Ringtone

Friends, by now you must have understood how to make Dj Song of your name, but many people are fond of setting Dj Song ringtone of their name in their mobile and search how to make Dj Ringtone of their name on Google.
So let me tell you for your information, you can also make Dj Ringtone in this way. For this, select a good 1 minute Dj song in the left side of the track. After this select the audio file of your name tag on the right side.
Now click on the option of Record. After this play the song in both the tracks. Now your dj ringtone has been made. You can download this file from here and put it on your ringtone.
So friends, now you must have understood that how to make DJ Song of your name and I hope by now you must have made Dj Remix Song of your name.
Here we have also told you about how to make Dj Ringtone of your name, so that you can make ringtone along with song.

Download This Two Apps: 

Narrator’s VoiceEdjing Mix DJ

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